Exploring Fitchburg, WI

Fitchburg WI can be found in Dane County in the great state of Wisconsin. With just over 30,000 residents, Fitchburg, Wisconsin is a major component of the Madison metropolitan area. The surrounding land is just as unique as the people who call Fitchburg home, encompassing a variety of land uses, subdivisions, commercial and industrial properties, as well as agricultural plots. Despite the close proximity of Fitchburg to the greater Madison area, parts of Fitchburg are so remote that municipal utilities are not always available. 

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history of fitchburg wisconsin

A Brief History Of Fitchburg WI

The land that is now known as Fitchburg was first settled in 1839 and quickly established itself as a farming community. Wheat, stock farming, dairying, corn, and alfalfa were all prominent agricultural activities of the locality. It did not take long for supporting services to develop, including schools, post offices, churches, taverns, and stores.

From the 1840s-1850s, Fitchburg grew substantially as a result of displacement from the Irish potato famine. Three Irish settlements — Fox Settlement, Irish Lane Settlement, and Stoner Prairie Settlement — came to fruition. 1983 saw Fitchburg WI incorporate as a city, with the main purpose being prevention of expansion by neighboring Madison.  

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Fitchburg WI Flooring Services

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When you need your Fitchburg WI floors protected but you can’t afford to wait for the coating to dry, applying a UV floor coating may be your best solution. UV light can help cure the coating in a fraction of the time.